Reliable electric actuators and mechatronic systems for the subsea oil and gas industry

WITTENSTEIN motion control provides subsea drive systems and subsea electric actuators for use in water depths up to and beyond 3,000 meters. Our products set standards in reliability and durability and are used within subsea exploration, subsea processing and subsea production applications. Our high availability, dual channel SSEAC© offers complete self-checking and the ultimate in confidence for your installations.

Opening up new oil fields and wells

  • Extraction of fossil fuels is becoming increasingly more difficult to access offshore with deeper water and harsh environmental conditions becoming the norm. With our new technologies WITTENSTEIN creates new opportunities, where it has previously been uneconomical to extract.
  • Utilizing our self-sufficient, clean, subsea electrical actuators and subsea mechatronic drive solutions provides access to deep water reserves and eliminates environmental impact from leaking hydraulic systems whilst giving the opportunity for longer tiebacks and enhanced condition monitoring which can provide safer working practices.
  • The result: increased production rates, maximized yields and reduced costs. 
  • Since 2001, more than 250 of our customer-specific electric actuator drive systems have been in use on the UK and Norwegian continental shelf, as well as in Brazilian and Australian waters.

Subsea Robotics

Subsea Robotics and Autonomous Operating Vehicles (AUV/ROV)

  • For underwater applications, we use qualified drive technology and modules that are used to configure highly reliable systems.
  • Electromechanical components can be very easily and flexibly integrated into underwater robots because of the low space requirement and standardized electric interfaces. The electric drive system gives precise feedback on torque and speed – which allows for online diagnosis and condition testing. 

Subsea Hydrocarbons Extraction

We enable deep-sea hydrocarbon extraction

  • Where there are rich deep-sea deposits of fossil fuels to be found, utilising the high availability Subsea Electric Actuators from WITTENSTEIN allows you the choice to operate at 3,000m depths over 25 years without maintenance. Our proven systems offer condition monitoring and open communications to the latest API 17F standards.
  • Electric actuation provides a safe, environmentally friendly and highly efficient way of controlling and operating valves on the sea bed



Specialists in extreme conditions

  • We have many years of experience in supplying solutions for the subsea energy sector.
  • Our fully qualified subsea electric actuator programs have been used reliably on the seabed for almost twenty years. Production and assembly of our high availability subsea electrical actuators are based upon tried and tested manufacturing processes. 
  • The WITTENSTEIN units are maintenance-free as well as being simple and intuitive to handle. They provide CONDITION MONITORING opportunities to determine valve condition and operability. With standard open communication interfaces, they offer fast deployment and ease of set up.
  • Sea depths up to and beyond 3,000 meters see the deployment of our high reliability, high availability precision and dynamic subsea actuators. The SSEAC® subsea electric actuators which are more compact, effective and environmentally friendly than traditional hydraulic solutions are the way to enhance oil and gas recovery, reduce environmental impact and allow access to deeper waters for development.