Resource scarcity is increasing and the general public is growing ever more aware of environmental issues: It is therefore a priority for the aviation industry to develop ever more efficient aircraft, without compromising on safety. Thanks to their high power-to-weight ratio and reliability, our mechatronic systems contribute towards achieving and exceeding this objective. Our EASA certification and global service network enables us to offer all services, for our entire product range, to provide system suppliers, aircraft manufacturers and airlines with reliable mechatronic driver capacity for the entire life cycle of an aircraft. 



Commercial Aircraft

A380 Passenger Doors

The electric door actuation system on the A380 replaces conventional manual door opening mechanisms. The system includes three actuators: the Swivel Actuator which opens and closes the aircraft door, the De-Arrest Actuator which secures the door in the open position and the Flight Lock Actuator that ensures the door remains locked during flight. To safeguard the integrity of the system in critical situations redundant windings are integrated in the Swivel Actuator. 



Cargo loading System - PDU

The Electrical Cargo Loading System Power Drive Units (PDUs) are located in the cargo compartment floor of the forward and aft cargo compartment of the A380. The main role of the PDUs is to provide adequate traction under all environmental conditions to move air freight pallets and containers in and out of the cargo compartment. The PDUs are active during the loading and unloading process of the cargo compartment. Self-erecting PDUs are located in the ball mat area and equipped with two separately acting AC servo motors. The first motor provides the necessary traction force and the second motor provides the lift function to positively engage or disengage the drive. Spring loaded PDUs are located in the longitudinal area of the cargo compartments and are mounted between the roller tracks and support the weight of the pallets via two spring packs. 


Flight Control System – Active Sidestick for Supersonic Aircraft

The T-50 Golden Eagle is a family of supersonic advanced trainers and multirole fighters. WITTENSTEIN provides the electromechanical and sensing elements of the aircraft’s active sidestick consisting of motorgearbox units, the mechanical backup system and triple redundant position sensors for each axis, packaged in a highly compact mechanical arrangement. WITTENSTEIN also provides the design of the motor control electronics and software together with the know-how for force feel control. This aircraft family is the first to be equipped with active sidesticks in series production.

Fixed Wing

Fly-by-wire for General Aviation

The Technical University of Munich is investigating fly-by-wire systems for general aviation aircrafts by equipping a Diamond DA42 with electromechanical flight controls. WITTENSTEIN is providing all components of the electromechanical actuation system.

These comprise highly compact rotary actuators as well as actuator control electronics and a stand-alone center stick unit including force feedback functionalities. The innovative WITTENSTEIN technology gives an efficient fly-by-wire solution for General Aviation.