Quick Response Rotary Drives for Defense Applications

  • Rotary servo drive (i=10)
  • Rotary servo drive with a manual release brake (i=35)
  • Rotary servo drive with brake (i=91 or i=220)
  • Servo actuator with manual drive (i=122)
  • Rotary servo drive with brake (i=235.11)

Customized, reliable, compact!

Rotary servo drives by WITTENSTEIN motion control can be used under extreme ambient conditions.

We offer you tailored solutions of the highest precision and reliability, developed according to military standards.


  • Low backlash planetary gearbox
  • Brushless high-performance servo motors
  • Sensors for speed, position and force


  • Brakes
  • Manual drive

We offer tailored solutions, all under one roof.

WITTENSTEIN mechatronic drives for your defense application!

Customized solutions

We will develop a solution for you that is tailored to your drive needs. You will benefit from our years of experience, our highly skilled staff and our services. Please contact us.

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Technical DataAC servo actuator without manual drive  AC servo actuator with manual drive AC servo actuator without manual drive AC servo actuator  with manual drive
Backlash≤ 2 arcmin≤ 2 arcmin≤ 1 arcmin≤ 1 arcmin
Gear ratio16161010
Output torque

55 Nm peak

55 Nm peak265 Nm peak265 Nm peak
Output torque11 Nm nominal11 Nm nominal61 Nm nominal60 Nm nominal
Brake torque n/a40 Nm maximumn/a120 Nm maximum
Output speed 420 rpm maximal420 rpm maximal400 rpm maximal400 rpm maximum
Output speed 280 rpm nominal280 rpm nominal240 rpm nominal240 rpm nominal
Supply voltage 300 V nominal300 V nominal300 V nominal300 V nominal
Input current 16 A maximum16 A maximum61 A maximum60 A maximum
Input current 3,4 A nominal3,4 A nominal12 A nominal12 A nominal
Diameter/ Length 110 mm/ 261 mm110 mm/ 343 mm182 mm/ 260 mm182 mm/ 352 mm
Weight 5,3 Kg8,4 Kg19 Kg25 Kg
Operating temperature -34°C... +55°C-34°C... +55°C-34°C... +55°C-34°C... +55°C
Description TPM 004STPM 004STPM 025STPM 025S
Material number 40025232-01-0 40025233-01-0 40025228-01-0 40025230-01-0



  • Heavy duty actuator with incredible acceleration (360°/s²)
  • Application example: Präzise, dynamische Positionierung von Radaranlage
  • MIL Aktuator
  • Designed for military environmental applications
  • Compact, ugged and reliable



  • Other low temperatures on demand
  • MIL Standard test on demand
  • Can be configured for manual operation
  • Other gear ratios on demand
  • Coating according to customer specification
  • Connector according to customer specification
  • Optional drive electronic on demand
  • Every voltage on demand