Drop-In Solution for Helicopter Simulators (rotary-wing)

  • Directional Pedals
  • Collective Stick
  • Cyclic Stick
  • Basic System Architecture

Control Loading Systems - Active Force Feedback Systems

The RHMT (Re-configurable Helicopter Mission Trainer) is an integrated control loading system incorporating a variety of WITTENSTEIN simulation components. The configuration allows users to create a system using any combination of cyclic centerstick, collective lever with aircraft type specific grips and directional pedals to meet unique requirements. The AVCATT (Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer), an example for a rotary wing system, is a mission training and rehearsal device used by the US Army. Various types of helicopters can be simulated. The system recognizes the sticks and grips and reconfigures itself via software to represent the aircraft type.

Custom solutions

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