Nuclear power plant operators place great importance on the reliability and flawless operation of drives in machines and systems. We conduct intensive material research and develop innovative and application-specific solutions for special  environmental conditions. Thanks to their extremely high resistance to radioactivity, our radiation-proof rotary servo motors, actuators and generators open up the possibility for completely new applications, such as automation in radioactive environments. On request, we build products in strict compliance with IEEE guidelines and which are explosion-proof according to ATEX guidelines. Typical applications include handling tools for fuel element chambers as well as particle accelerators.  

The offshore oil and gas industry extracts fossil fuels in increasingly inaccessible environments. This requires technologies characterized by their maximum reliability and durability. We offer highly integrated mechatronic systems with extremely robust designs and high-precision  control. One excellent example here is our valve actuators, which control a wide variety of valves for processing and extracting oil and gas below the ocean surface. These drives feature a redundant structure, can be submersed to a depth of up to 3000 meters and have a service life of 25 years. Our customers benefit greatly from our broad and in-depth understanding of the environment – on drilling platforms as well as in the underwater sector.